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Non-profit status

Here you will find information on non-profit status

The association Zambesi Health e.V. is recognized as a non-profit organization and pursues goals that serve the common good. As a result, it enjoys tax advantages in Germany and can accept donations. The focus of the association is on improving medical care in developing countries, particularly in the Zambezi River region in southern Africa.

To strengthen healthcare, the association supports various local projects. This includes the construction and equipping of veterinary clinics, the provision of medicines and medical equipment, the training of (veterinary) medical staff and educating the population about health issues.

There are various benefits that donors enjoy by donating to Zambesi Health e.V:

1. social responsibility: through your donation you actively contribute to improving medical care in developing countries. They help to combat diseases, reduce suffering and improve the quality of life of people who urgently need medical help.

2. tax advantages: As a non-profit organization, Zambesi Health e.V. is entitled to issue donation receipts. Donors can claim these certificates on their tax return and thus reduce their tax burden.

3. transparency and trust: Zambesi Health e.V. attaches great importance to transparency and provides regular information about its projects and the use of donations. Donors can be sure that their donations are used responsibly and effectively.

4. personal fulfillment: A donation can provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Knowing that you have helped others can create a positive feeling of connection and compassion.

5. network and exchange: By donating to Zambesi Health e.V., donors can become part of a community that is committed to improving medical care in developing countries. The association offers opportunities for exchange and networking with other supporters.

In summary, it can be said that a donation to Zambesi Health e.V. is beneficial both for the donors and for the people in the developing countries. Donors can fulfill their social responsibility, take advantage of tax benefits, find personal fulfillment and join a network of committed people. At the same time, the donation helps to improve medical care in developing countries and save lives.